Geeks & Nerds Unite!

:: Awesome Blossom :: I'm Not a Nerd Eyeglasses

Newly released at Awesome Blossom for the geek and nerd in all of us… “I’m Not a Nerd” eyeglasses and Geek & Nerd T-shirts.

The “I’m Not a Nerd” eyeglasses are sculpted and come with tape and without tape and feature 2 different attach points for your convenience.

The Geek & Nerd T-shirts come in black and gray, feature sculpted cuffs and can be bought individually or in a fat pack.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner geek! Come check out the new releases today. While you’re there, if you haven’t joined our update group yet, make sure you do to receive your free sculpted Christmas tree! After all, Santa’s gotta have something to put all those presents under.

:: Awesome Blossom :: Geek & Nerd T-Shirts

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