Hump Day Happiness!

:: Awesome Blossom :: Chillaxin' Swing

This is Awesome Blossom’s first time participating in the 69L Hump Day Happiness event and I decided to whip up a little treat! The new Chillaxin’ Swing will be available tomorrow at the Awesome Blossom mainstore for ONLY $69L! The HDH version of the swing has a swing animation (just had to put that out there) and as well as 3 sit animations and you can use it with the free swing stand or hang it from your own porch, etc. You can view bigger images of the swing after the jump below.

Once again, thank you for your support and look for more awesomeness coming your way soon!

This week’s list of Hump Day Happiness participating stores:
Audacity Hair
Sinful Pleasures
GL Designs
Mango, Mango!
Tree House Treasures
Peer Poses
La Petite Morte
Holli Pocket
~*Crossroad Dreams*~
Grunge Inkorporated
Moxie Polonos
Callie Cline
DM Designs Jewelry
Awesome Blossom

:: Awesome Blossom :: Chillaxin' Swing
:: Awesome Blossom :: Chillaxin' Swing

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