Awesome Blossom & Beautiful Bloom

Awesome Blossom is proud to be a part of the Beautiful Bloom Designers Event! This gridwide event goes from April 9th-April 23rd and features unique Spring-themed items from participating designers.

Awesome Blossom’s item for this event is the “Lazy Daze” Picnic Table which features 8 fun sit animations AND multiple accessories:

:: Awesome Blossom :: Lazy Daze Picnic Table

The following is a list of participating designers and landmarks to their stores. Remember, these items will be available through April 23rd and some of them won’t be available again, so don’t miss out and tell your friends too!

Olive Juice by IsabellaGrace Baroque
Wot? by Lili Revnik
Molto Bene! by Annunziata Macchi
Intrigue Co. by Katharine McGinnis
Split pea by Melatonin Hax
Awesome Blossom by Clementine Ishtari
Frosting Ink by RayRay Shippe
NUT by Bastet Hazelnut
BamaLama by Alabama Smalls
Twosome by Visa Volare
Flowey.Poses & Stuffs by Flutter Memel


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