New Releases!

There are quite a few new releases this week all geared towards the home. I know, I seem to be on a Home & Garden streak lately but I promise more fun stuff very soon! Now on to the goodies!

First up we have the Antique Hutch and accessories. The Antique Hutch is sculpted and weighs in at only 1 prim! All accessories are sold separately.

:: Awesome Blossom :: Antique Hutch and accessories
:: Awesome Blossom :: Summer Lilies and Potted Ivy
:: Awesome Blossom :: Antique Fishbowl w/ Clownfish

Also new this week are the Tabletop Antique Paper Lights and Hanging Antique Paper Lights. The Tabletop lights are texture change with 6 different color options and turn off and on. The Hanging lights come in 3 different color options including whites, pastels and darks and also turn off and on via touch.

:: Awesome Blossom :: Tabletop Antique Paper Lights
:: Awesome Blossom :: Tabletop Antique Paper Lights
:: Awesome Blossom :: Hanging Antique Paper Lights

There is also the new “Old Wrinkled Rug” which is in the store in front of all the new items. It’s sculpted and also texture change with 9 different textures and was made to match the Antique Paper Lights.

And that’s it for today. All items can be found at the Awesome Blossom mainstore. There will be one more new item released tomorrow for Super Bargain Saturday, but you have to wait for that one. Happy shopping and TGIF!!


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