Awesome Blossom is moving!

Hide and Seek Grand Opening

Starting today you’ll be able to find Awesome Blossom at it’s brand new home on the new Hide and Seek sim. What is this Hide and Seek place you ask? Well, Hide and Seek is a joint collaboration and features shops by the following designers:

2REAL Footwear
Awesome Blossom
Molto Bene!
Olive Juice

To help celebrate our grand opening, we’re having a sim opening event, starting at 5pm SLT with live music, as well as a HUNT featuring items from the shops of Hide and Seek! The hunt items are in ants and the ants are carrying either watermelon slices or strawberries. I hope that you’ll be able to stop by and check us out! In addition to the Awesome Blossom hunt item there will be a few new items out at the store including a potted plant, some painted sparrows and some texture change Autumn fallen leaves to decorate your porches, walkways or whatever with! There are also quite a few new releases in the works.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Awesome Blossom and for your support of Hide and Seek, which wouldn’t have been possible without help from Aranel, Anna, Bella, Bethany, Ice and everyone else who was there for the ride!

See you there!


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