We Could Be Superheroes Costumes

The “We Could Be Superheroes” Costumes are a joint collaboration between Clementine Ishtari and Johnn Balzibo and were inspired by those costumes you used to make as a kid. You remember them right? Bucket for your head, home-made cape made out of one of your mom’s towels or sheets, your dad’s belt stocked with all the essentials a superhero would need to save the world and an over-sized pair of mom or dad’s boots. We’ve also included for you, a crown for those who don’t want to mess their hair up and a wearable mouth goldfishy cracker to give you that extra energy boost while off fighting crime.

The costumes are available in both female and male versions as well as a couples pack for those that like to do the whole dress alike thing. The bucket, belts and boots all have texture and/or color change options. The bucket has 12 different emotes, the boots have LOTS of colors and the smiley face on the male belt and the butterfly wings on the female belt are also color change. Just touch and choose your color or texture option.

Grab yours today at the Awesome Blossom mainstore and you’ll be all ready for Halloween or to save the world!


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