The Amelie Cottage

The Amelie Cottage

These are hard times for dreamers…

And every dreamer must have a refuge, a place of solace, a calm in the storm. This is what I was looking for recently while house shopping but I couldn’t quite find the right space to call my own, so I decided to build one.

The Amelie Cottage is small but full of charm with it’s 2 and 1/2 rooms, built-in bookcases, sculpted french doors and windows and bay window with window seat which is a perfect spot for dreamers to curl up and do what they do best… dream.

Amelie Cottage info is as follows:
Total prims: 152
Cottage: 130
Radiators: 8 (4 prims each)
Window: 4 (2 prims each)
Doors: 10 (2 prims each)

Land size: 640 sqm
Approx. footprint: 26×16
Permissions: copy/mod/no transfer

A demo may be viewed here at the Awesome Blossom mainstore.

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