I <3 Originals Fair

Sephia Valentine Bedroom Set for "I <3 Originals Fair"

The “I ❤ Originals Fair" kicks off today and celebrates originality in SL, promotes SL content creators and offers some solid information on intellectual property rights in the process. The fair will feature 46 of Second Life’s most creative designers – particularly, content creators who offer work that is free of copyright, trademark, and trade dress violations. In addition to the fair, there is also a hunt and photo contest. Participating designers had to create one new item for the fair in addition to showcasing original items from their stores and my new item is also a first for me!

The Sephia Valentine Bedroom set was created exclusively for the “I ❤ Originals Fair" and is the first bed offered by Awesome Blossom! The bed features lush red and black fabrics and is the perfect place to spend some quality cuddle time with your significant other or friends.

The Sephia Bedroom Set includes the Sephia Valentine Cuddle Bed which features 8 couples animations as well as 8 female and 8 male single sit animations. The set also includes the Sephia Nighstand, Sephia Rug (black), Antique Phone and color change Table Lilies. There is also a matching chaise with couples and single animations (not pictured).

You can get the bedroom set or individual pieces exclusively at the Awesome Blossom booth at the I ❤ Originals Fair and while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the rest of the participating designers. You can find a full list of them here.


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