Boho Radiator for Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday!
Lazy Sunday is a weekly sales event where designers set items out in the front of their stores for 75L or less! It starts at midnight on Saturday and goes until midnight on Sunday! Don’t miss it!

Boho Radiator for Lazy Sunday

Embrace your inner hippie! The new Boho Radiator was made to go with the new Bohemian Hideaway but can be used in any setting. The radiator features color change pillows with 6 color option as well as 9 sit animations. The “Peace” sign is also color change with 5 color options. The daisy basket is soft-linked so you can use it or not use it, based on your prim usage needs.

Radiator with pillows & 9 sit animations – 6 prims
Daisy Basket – 9 prims
“Peace” sign with 5 color options – 4 prims
Total prims: 19

Perms: mod • copy • no trans

PLEASE NOTE: This item will be available for ONLY 75L on Sunday March 27th at the Awesome Blossom mainstore. After that, it will be for sale at its regular price.

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