Lady Garden for Super Bargain Saturday

Super Bargain Saturday!

Every Saturday a group of designers will place an item marked down to 60L in front of their store. The item will be available from 12am SLT on Saturday until 11:59pm SLT on Saturday. Items may be new or existing creations. Each week we are going to give you the opportunity to discover new and great designers with gorgeous products.

Lady Garden for SBS

Lady Garden for SBS

Lady Garden. Let’s get the teehee’s out of the way first shall we? Okay.. so the new Lady Garden was born out of my own obsession with gardens. RL gardens, SL gardens.. I’m obsessed and when I couldn’t find the garden I wanted in SL, I decided to make one for myself.

The new Lady Garden actually comes with 3 parts. The garden, wheelbarrow and pergola. The garden itself features 3 gardening animations (planting, picking and shoveling – you get a shovel to wear for this animation), the wheelbarrow features 6 sit animations and the pergola has 2 stands and 2 sit animations in it. The pergola and wheelbarrow are NOT linked. The garden part is linked but the whole set is mod so you can pick and choose what you want to use according to your prim needs.

Total prims: 54
Pergola: 5 prims
Wheelbarrow: 6 prims
Garden: 43 prims

Permissions: mod • copy • no trans

PLEASE NOTE: The Lady Garden will be available FOR ONLY 60L through Saturday June 11th at the Awesome Blossom mainstore for Super Bargain Saturday! After that, it will be for sale at its regular price.

This week’s SBS designers are:
La’Licious Designs
Thistle Homes
:: Awesome Blossom ::
::Para Designs::
Little Boxes

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