Beachcomber Hall Table & Decorative Shutters for SUYS

Each month, a group of Second Life’s best furniture/decor designers will be joining together to help you Spruce Up Your Space! Here’s how it goes:

• sometime around mid-month – we’ll announce that month’s theme!
• Third weekend – a group of our participating designers will release new items for the theme. For that weekend only, the items will be available at special discounted prices!
• Fourth weekend – the second group of designers will release their new themed items, and again, for that weekend only, you can grab the new stuff at discounted prices

Beachcomber Hall Table & Decorative Shutters

Beachcomber Hall Table & Decorative Shutters

This month’s Spruce up Your Space them is “Coastal Cozy” and for some reason “coastal” or “beachy” type of items for me some how always conjure up images of found treasures, fixed up and displayed in a coastal cottage or beach house.

So that’s what I went with for my item. The Beachcomber Hall Table & Decorative Shutters features the table which has 5 sit animations in it and comes with everything shown, including candles, letters with shell paperweight and decorative shutters.. The candles are color change with 5 colors and you can add your own pictures to the polaroids on the shutters.

Total Prims: 42
Table: 10 prims
Accessories (candles & letters): 13 prims
Shutters: 19 prims

Permissions: copy • mod • no trans

PLEASE NOTE: This item be available FOR ONLY 150L on Saturday July 23rd – Sunday July 24th at the Awesome Blossom mainstore! After that, it will be for sale at its regular price.

PS: You can see what other participating stores have to offer for SUYS by checking out the Spruce Up Your Space Flickr group.


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