Pembroke Gardener’s Cottage & Accessories for Super Bargain Weekend

Pembroke Gardener's Cottage

Nestled among the beautiful gardens of an English manor you might find the gardener’s cottage… a small, quaint stone structure with worn wood shutters and exterior elements that welcomes you inside with a warm woodburning stove and cozy living space.

The new Pembroke Gardener’s Cottage features all of that and more. A cozy living space modeled after those old English cottages, the Pembroke Gardener’s cottage features sculpted wood shutters (some hanging slightly off balance and in need of some minor repairs), door, window sills, interior ceiling beams and outside stairs and deck. Hanging exterior ivy completes the look of this charming little cottage which is full of perfections and imperfections alike.

Pembroke Gardener's Cottage Accessories

Also available to go along with the Pembroke Gardener’s Cottage is the accessory pack. The accessory pack includes 2 potted plants, woodburning stove, ceiling fan, ivy wreath, pie and bird and are the perfect additions to fill your new cottage.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pembroke Gardener’s Cottage and Cottage Accessory pack will be available FOR ONLY 60L each on Saturday July 30 through Sunday July 31 for Super Bargain Weekend AT THE SPECIAL SALE LOCATION. After that, they will be available at their regular prices at the Awesome Blossom mainstore.

Also, don’t forget to check out all the other great bargains at the Super Bargain weekend sale while you’re there. There are lots of goodies to fill your home and your closet while keeping you on your SLbudget. Happy shopping and have a great weekend!


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