Country Fair Lemonade Stand for Project Themeory

Project Themeory is a weekly event where every Saturday at 12:00am SLT a group of designers will place an item corresponding to a theme at the main entrace of their store for 75L, it will remain there until 11:59pm SLT that Sunday, these will be brand new items and only marked down to 75L for those two days. Every week of the month we will feature different designers, different themes, and different items.

Country Fair Lemonade Stand for Project Themeory

This week’s Project Themeory theme is “Let’s go the Fair,” but instead of going to the fair, you get to bring some of the fair home to you in the form of the new “Country Fair Lemonade Stand.”

You remember those end of summer days that you spent at the local fair, right? Running around with your friends, riding all the rides until the point of exhaustion and then going to get an ice cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade… that sweet yet bitter taste washing all of that exhaustion away and recharging you for more fun. Well now you can have your very own lemonade stand right at home.

The “Country Fair Lemonade Stand” features lemonade stand, with 3 sits (sits up to 2 people), 2 stools each with 4 different sits (one for behind the stand and one for your lazy customers to sit on) and accessories shown (lemon jar, lemonade pitcher and glasses). Lemonade pitcher even dispenses a wearable glass of lemonade!

Total prims: 36 prims
Stand: 9 prims
Stools: 2 prims each
Acessories: 23 prims
Permissions: no mod • copy • no trans

PLEASE NOTE: This item will be available as a set FOR ONLY 75L on Saturday September 3rd – Sunday September 4th at the Awesome Blossom mainstore. After that, it will be for sale at its regular price.


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