Painted Autumn Rocking Chair for RLM Pumpkin Hunt

Royal Living Lifestyle Magazine presents
The Pumpkin Hunt September 30 – October 14 2011

Royal Living Magazine had great success at our small farm this year! We have grown so many pumpkins we had to hide them around the grid at our friend’s shops! Our friends got so very excited they added a special prize to each and every pumpkin! Harvest these pumpkins for 45L each and unearth lots of goodies! Happy Fall and Hunting!

Painted Autumn Rocking Chair for RLM Pumpkin Hunt

The new Painted Autumn Rocking Chair was made exclusively for the Royal Living Magazine Pumpkin hunt! Autumn decorations adorn the rocking chair which also features 4 sit animations on the arms and top back of the chair. The pumpkins containing the rocking chair are hidden somewhere outside of the Awesome Blossom mainstore. Find the pumpkins and you find the chair!

You can also get a list of participating hunt stores by clicking the Pumpkin Hunt information sign which is located right outside of Awesome Blossom and you can find sneak peeks of hunt items on the Royal Living Magazine website. Happy Autumn and happy hunting from Awesome Blossom!


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