Awesome Blossom Closing Sale!

As some of you may be aware of by now, Awesome Blossom is closing its doors on January 15th. It’s been a great 2 year run and I have learned so much through my experience of owning a store in Second Life, but I have some RL changes coming up and the time I will have available to devote to running a store will be more limited.

I wanted to thank you all for your undying support of my store. Having your support as my customers and friends has meant the world to me and I don’t know that I will ever be able to properly thank you all for that. But I’d like to try!

Awesome Blossom Closing Sale!

Starting January 1 and running through January 15th, everything in the entire store is 50% OFF! That includes prefabs too! After January 15th my items will still be available on the Market Place at their regular prices. If I ever do get the building bug I will release items there and some might even show up for FREE so make sure you stay in the Update Group, or join it if you aren’t in it already, so you’ll know when that happens! There are group joiner signs located at the front of the Awesome Blossom mainstore.

And finally, while I am closing my store, I am NOT leaving SL completely. I am however looking forward to the relaxing side of SL once again. Thank you again for all of your support and remember…

All is full of awesome!


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