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April 2, 2010

[Blossom Bunnies] New Releases!

The Kawaii Bunny Hutch is the first release in a new line of bunny-related products from Awesome Blossom being sold under the name of “Blossom Bunnies.” Blossom Bunnies will feature cute and unique accessories for your Ozimals (and other bunny/animal brands) bunnies.

Kawaii Bnny Hutch

The Kawaii Bunny Hutch includes several separate unlinked accessories along with the actual hutch. This is so you can pick and choose what you want to put out, making your hutch uniquely your own, while still giving you the ability to adjust it to your prim needs. The pieces included are the hutch with planter box, planter box flowers, fence, barrel, feedbags, pepper bowl, hay pile, pitchfork and shovel. The hutch and fence are both copy/mod and the accessories are copy.

Next up is the Bunny Watchin’ Bale! The Bunny Watchin’ Bale weighs in at only 6 prims, has 4 adorable sit animations and was made to give you a place to relax and just hangout with your bunnies.

Bunny Watchin' Bale

All items are currently for sale inworld at the Blossom Bunnies location at the Bunny Wranch and at the Awesome Blossom mainstore as well. There is also a demo of the hutch at the mainstore for those who would like to see it in person before buying!

April 2, 2010

Blossom Bunnies and all things bunny!

Blossom Bunnies

Awesome Blossom is proud to present a new line of bunny related accessories called Blossom Bunnies! Blossom Bunnies will feature cute and unique products and accessories for your Ozimals (and other bunny/animal brands) bunnies. Blossom Bunnies is also an official Ozimals merchant and you can also find live Ozimals bunnies and bunny nests for sale too.

Stay tuned for more info and releases coming VERY SOON!