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March 26, 2011

Bohemian Hideaway for Spruce Up Your Space

Each month, a group of Second Life’s best furniture/decor designers will be joining together to help you Spruce Up Your Space! Here’s how it goes:

• sometime around mid-month – we’ll announce that month’s theme!
• Third weekend – a group of our participating designers will release new items for the theme. For that weekend only, the items will be available at special discounted prices!
• Fourth weekend – the second group of designers will release their new themed items, and again, for that weekend only, you can grab the new stuff at discounted prices

Bohemian Hideaway for Spruce Up Your Space

It’s Spruce Up your Space time again! This month’s SUYS theme is “So Boho” and I’ve created a little Bohemian Hideaway for you! The Bohemian Hideaway features the Bohemian Skybox and Skydome. The skybox has 5 built-in sits on the inside railings and includes a “Home Sweet Home” sign and a barrel flower planter for the outside of the skybox. The Bohemian Skydome is a pretty outdoor environment for your skybox. It features moving clouds, some sculpted hills and 6 texture change options for the grass.

This item be available FOR ONLY 150L on Saturday March 26 – Sunday March 27 at the Awesome Blossom mainstore! After that, it will be for sale at its regular price.

PS – You can see what other participating stores have to offer for SUYS by checking out the Spruce Up Your Space Flickr group.

October 23, 2010

Hide and Seek Trick-or-Treat Gatcha Event

Trick-or-Treat? Smell my feet! Give me something good to…. GATCHA!

‘Tis the season for Halloween, and that means trick-or-treating! The Shops of Hide and Seek wanted to kick off the festivities with a special gatcha event for you. All you have to do is travel around the sim to the participating stores and look for the cute Trick-or-Treat Gatcha vendor pictured above. We promise lots of fun items and all for cheap cheap cheap. So have a blast, bring your friends and don’t forget to explore a little. The sim is decorated for fall and there are plenty of photo ops all over. Check out the poster below for my Gatcha goodies and HAPPY GATCHA’ING!!

PS – In the event of lag, here’s a list of participating stores with direct tp’s!

Awesome Blossom
Olive Juice
Molto Bene!

October 13, 2010

Hide and Seek Trick-or-Treat Gatcha Event

Click for bigger image

The Hide and Seek Trick-or-Treat Gatcha event is coming soon! Check back for more info!