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May 25, 2010

:: AB :: Old Potting Table

:: Awesome Blossom :: Old Potting Table for SLDD

It’s a new release with a twist! First off, the details! The Old Potting Table comes with everything shown in the picture and is the perfect accessory for those with (and without) a green thumb! While the accessories are included, they are NOT linked to the table. This is so you can pick and choose what you want to put out, making the table uniquely your own, while still giving you the ability to adjust it according to your prim needs. The stars are texture change with 9 colors (sand, eggplant, rust, rose, olive, sky blue, sage, light blue and gold) and the door on the Potting Table is texture change too with 4 colors (red, yellow, blue and green). The large pot has 3 sit animations, is menu controlled and adjustable.

Now for the twist! If you are a SL Daily Deals member you can get the Old Potting Table and accessories for 50% OFF it’s normal price! This special 50% off price will only be available on Tuesday May 25th and only for SLDD members. Just wear your SLDD card and buy! Not a SLDD member? It’s okay! You can still purchase the Old Potting Table, but at it’s regular price of $250L, which is still a pretty good price for everything you get.

Hurry on over to the Awesome Blossom mainstore and check out the rest of the SLDD discounted items along with all the newly released home and garden items.