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April 28, 2012

Nook & Cranny

Nook & Cranny

“Nook & Cranny” is a new monthly event brought to you by Clementine Ishtari and The Ego Co.. This event is geared specifically at the Home and Garden sector of SL and those consumers who want to fill every nook & cranny of their SL homes with all kinds of pretty things. The difference with this event as opposed to others out there is that “Nook & Cranny” will give designers the choice of setting and maintaining respectable pricing that supports the time and effort that they put into their product while consumers still get a “deal.” It’s win/win for everyone!

For more information or to apply as a designer to Nook & Cranny, click here.

Don’t forget to join the Flickr Group to keep even more up to date on the event!

PS… I will also be needing a few bloggers to cover this event on The Ego Co. website as well as their own blogs so stay tuned for more info!