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December 10, 2011

Madison Loft Skybox for the With Love (Again) Hunt

Madison Loft Skybox for With Love (Again) Hunt

Awesome Blossom is proud to be a part of this year’s “With Love (Again) Hunt” which runs from December 9th – January 6th. The theme of the hunt is thanking our loyal customers for supporting us throughout 2011 and so my way of thanking you is by making a new skybox.

The Madison Loft Skybox was made exclusively for the With Love (Again) From Hunt and features 2 levels with upstairs loft area, sculpted door and windows, kitchen island and outside lantern. There is also a small room on the main level by the stairs that can be used as a laundry room or storage area, etc. The skybox has worn brick and wood textures with vintage wallpaper upstairs which gives it that worn but loved feel often found in older loft apartments.

This year for the hunt, you’re on the lookout for a red box with white ribbon and a heart inside, which is hidden somewhere inside of the Awesome Blossom mainstore. Inside of this box you’ll find the Madison Loft Skybox and a LM to the next store in the hunt. Pretty easy huh?

More info on the With Love (Again) Hunt can be found here and more info on the Madison Loft Skybox can be found here.

There’s more than just this goody waiting for you though and you won’t want to miss the rest of the hunt! There are around 100 stores participating this year and there are some amazing gifts.

Happy hunting and thank you to everyone who has supported Awesome Blossom throughout this past year.

January 7, 2011

Seattle Skybox for Fifty Linden Fridays

Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item. Each week the designers and items will rotate. The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.

Seattle Skybox for Fifty Linden Fridays

It’s my first time in Fifty Linden Fridays (YAAAAAY!) and I thought I would whip up a skybox and thus the Seattle Skybox was born. This build was inspired by renovated loft apartments as seen in such cities such as (wait for it)… Seattle! The Seattle Skybox features an open layout with high walls and ceilings and also includes such extras as sculpted ceiling fan, molding and stairs, skylight and outside patio with sculpted railing.

Skybox Information:
Total prims: 76
Skybox: 71
Ceiling fan: 1
Stairs: 2
Door: 2

Footprint: 20×20
Permissions: copy/mod (no transfer)

You can grab the skybox for ONLY 50L on Friday January 7th for Fifty Linden Fridays at the Awesome Blossom mainstore. After that the skybox will be sold at it’s regular price, so hurry and grab it while it’s on sale for this super loooooow price (picture me saying that in a Barry White voice. Hot, huh?)

PS – You can also see a demo at the store!

November 12, 2010

“Story of Home” Skybox for Super Bargain Saturday

Super Bargain Saturday!

Every Saturday a group of designers will place an item marked down to 60L in front of their store. The item will be available from 12am SLT on Saturday until 11:59pm SLT on Saturday. Items may be new or existing creations. Each week we are going to give you the opportunity to discover new and great designers with gorgeous products.

"Story of Home" Skybox

This is my first attempt at any kind of prefab and was actually inspired by my very first RL studio apartment, only this one is much nicer. The “Story of Home” Skybox features include sculpted radiator, rotating sculpted ceiling fan, scripted lockable doors, “Home Begins” wall decal and sculpted wrought iron patio railing. All that and it weighs in at 35 prims!

The skybox was named by Ellie Akina as part of a “name the skybox contest” and conveys the simple feeling of the build which is home is wherever you make it, whether it’s a mansion or a one room studio, as long as you are with the ones you love. I hope you enjoy this build as much as I do and thank you for letting me share it with you.

Remember! The skybox will be available FOR ONLY 60L through midnight Saturday November 13th at the Awesome Blossom mainstore! After that it will be for sale at it’s regular price.

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March 15, 2010

:: Awesome Blossom :: Napa Valley Loft sky home

:: Awesome Blossom :: Napa Valley Loft sky home

The Napa Valley Loft sky home is the first pre-fab release from Awesome Blossom and is a joint collaboration between Clementine Ishtari and Durden Lanley. This sky home was designed to give you plenty of open space while providing a warm backdrop for you SL furnishings and living needs. The Napa Valley Loft sky home includes a built-in pot-bellied stove, breakfast bar, texture change stained glass windows in the kitchen and the loft area and a skylight.

The Napa Valley Kitchen set is sold separately but was made to go with your new sky home. It includes several separate accessories such as paper towels, plate stacks, salt & pepper mill, a lime plate and hanging wine glasses. There is also a scripted stove top which comes in handy if you want to, you know… cook in your new kitchen.

:: Awesome Blossom :: Loft Kitchen

You can see both the skyhome and the kitchen inworld at the Awesome Blossom mainstore. Just take the TP in front of the sky home/kitchen ads. While you’re checking out the demos, make sure to grab your FREE candle set and wine set which are located on the breakfast bar.

If you have any questions regarding either the Napa Valley Loft sky home or kitchen, please feel free to contact Clementine Ishtari. And as always, thank you for your continued support and keep an eye out for more awesome releases including something fun for this week’s 69L Hump Day Happiness!